WINNING OVER THE RANCHER  KayLee Morgan can't let her unborn child down. Daddy is gone. There is no money to speak of. She hasn't worked since she closed her business down to get married. To KayLee, these things do not add up to failure. They add up to try hard and then try some more. But--no one in the state of California will hire her. In this case try harder means taking a chance on a family of Montana Ranchers--who are in turn are willing to take a chance on her.

First she has to convince Baylor Doyle she's good for the job of designing and contracting the eco-guest ranch cabins that will save the way of life for the Doyle family.

Then she has to keep from falling in love with the big cowboy.

Baylor Doyle knows his family is depending on him to save the ranch. If he fails, the ranch will be gone, the Doyle's lifestyle will be gone.

See how romance and happily ever after can flourish in even this impossible circumstances.

Winning Over the Rancher
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Promise to a Boy
He Calls Her Doc
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PROMISE TO A BOY  Abby Fairbanks promised her five year old nephew Kyle she'd look after him. He'd never have to go live with strangers the way his mother did when she joined the Army.

Everything goes well
a man shows up on her doorstep.

Is tall, dark and rich Reed Maxwell Kyle's uncle? If he is will she have to fight him for Kyle? Will this uncle dig up the secrets from her past and use them against her to take the boy awayfar away? As he spends time in town and Abby and Kyle get to know him, Abby has to has wonder if this man will walk away with boy and her heart.

When Reed Maxwell arrives in St. Adelbert looking for his missing brother, he finds a boy who might be his brother's son. Can Reed be as cold-hearted about the boy and the aunt as he is in business? It might be a simple question if Abby Fairbanks weren't the first woman he'd met in a long time who didn't crave his money or his position in society, if she wasn't fascinating, funny and beautiful in a clean Montana way. Should he walk away and leave the woman and boy in peace or do his duty to his family and bring the boy back to live in Chicago?


HE CALLS HER DOC  Dr. Maude DeVane might finally gain control of her life. All she has to do is convince the people of her hometown—who still think of her as Maudie, she is good enough to take over for retiring Old Doc. Then she must ramp up her courage and visit the ranch her parents used to own and lay to rest her guilt from her childhood.  And she might have done just fine with both of those things, if a man from her past—one she is trying very hard not to hate—didn’t thwart her at every turn.


A year ago, in spite of his considerable experience as an emergency physician, Guy Daley held his younger brother in his arms and watched the light of life flicker out of the young man’s eyes. Now, with medicine confined to his past, Guy is at the Montana ranch his brother purchased a couple years ago, trying to find some degree of peace. And he might have succeeded if the town's doctor didn't remind him of just how badly he had failed his brother—and of how much he misjudged her in the past.


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